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Quality News, When You Want it, the Way WE Want It.

RFN is not just another run of the mill news organisation. Oh, no. We're a group of independent journalists joined by a single dedication – to bring you, the great unwashed public, the kind of news you deserve.

We are not partisan, we are not political. We have not sold our souls to some mega corporation hidden in a glass tower in a faceless city. We are real and we are gritty. We are not scared to ask the tough questions, or elbow those who get in our way out of the way.


Our goal is not to maximise revenues at the expense of the high-quality reporting and investigation that goes into every piece we print. Our mission is to simply be the best, bring you the best and God forbid, if we make enough to buy that fuggin’ villa on Lake Como in the process, then we will have earned it - the hard way. We are sure you will have no problem with that. (And if you do, then tough titty).

Some geezer we met in a bar in Barcelona once told us that “Great news is where you find it.” Yes, he was three sheets to the wind at the time, but by willikins, the old sot knew what he was talking about. We look under the rocks, we inspect the bedsheets and we open the closets to ensure that every word you see on our pages is the most accurate news in the world. You can trust us with your life, your wife and maybe even that rather nice 72 inch OLED teevee you happen to have, to give you the unvarnished truth all the time, everytime.

This is our oath. We say no more.

Key Staff: We're on call, around the world, 24/7. 
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