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GEEZER TALK: "When I were a young 'un".

A Guest Contributor In The Kitchen talks about the Good Old Days.

We din' 'ave none of this poncy social media stuff they're all bangin' on about. Nah, we had mates, the Army, a girl called Betty and a packet of Woodbines. You don't need no more than 'at.

Woodbines. You don't need no more than 'at.

Bloody kids now, takin' liberties they is. Saw one the other day, could 'ave been a boy or a girl, can't tell no more. Anyway, he, she, it, was nose deep in the phone, didn't even see the car comin'. I was gonna shout, "Oi, you daft bleeder, there's a car!", but what's the point? They don't listen. Anyway, they'll probably have 'im out of that coma soon.

Nother thing. I don't agree with all these bettin' shops. Too many of 'em. Poppin' up like pimples all over the 'igh street. Whatcha need 'em all for? Why can't people go to the races like we did? Great day out that was. Packet of Woodbines, fifty bob, straight-edge razor. You don't need no more than 'at.

An' don't even get me started on that Maggie Thatcher. Curse she was. Did us proud though, gotta say that.

Yeh, I'll have another half if you're askin'. Straight glass. Get some Woodbines while you're up there. Bloody social media.

Vic is 81 years old, lives in Bromsgrove and does not watch Strictly.

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