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Thanks a bunch!

To reach The Guys In The Kitchen you can use email or ESP.

We're pretty sure your powers of ESP are crap, so you're going to have to reach us by using the pretty little box below. Yes, this is annoying, but nobody said that everybody everywhere, not even a top flight news organisation like RFN, has to be available to you whenever you feel like dragging yourself off the couch and making contact.

So, please feel free to complete the email panel, click 'submit' and then wait to see if we answer you. We may, or we may not, but we will certainly leave you wondering if anyone at this end, anyone at all, is monitoring the 'stuffer' mail box.

Please note that we only accept submissions from people we like. We also only publish articles that meet our excessive quality criteria. So, if you have a piece or you have a tip, you'd better be ready for some exhaustive examination, buddy. And by the way, the only thing we hate more in this world than fake news is 'boring fake news', so you've been warned.

If you want to spend money with us, we are available to talk anytime. You can start that lucrative process right here with an email offering cash. Please note we do not accept cheques or any offers to 'share the fortune'. We're a hard money and materials kind of operation. Thank you.

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